Immediate cost savings on operational expenditures with fuel consumed per 1,000 pounds of steam generated.


"Product is environmentally friendly and improve energy efficiency with reduced effluent."

Building Products

Building Products

"We have successfully been using their product for 10 years. Join us in trying the Tannin product, and you’ll surely adopt."

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, steam boiler operation has driven the necessity to control scale and corrosion in the generation equipment, as well as protecting the return lines.

What savings in boiler operational costs can you expect?

Energy Cost 1 to 5%

GHG Emissions 1 to 5%

Blowdown Cost 50 to 80%

Testing Time Cost 30%

Make-up Cost 10 to 20%

Reduce the cost of your steam production from day one with Purified Tannin water treatment 

Additional Benefits
Boiler Room Mass Balance Analysis
Our technical support team and software capabilities can generate a full mass and energy balance of your boiler system.
Purified Tannin products are Green
Purified Tannin products are composed of mostly natural ingredients derived from tree parts. It is Green, sustainable chemistry that is safer to use and safe for the environment.
Purified Tannin Molecule
Discover the R&D behind the Purified Tannin technology provided by TGWT - The Tannin Guys®
Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Textile, Dairies, Rendering, Breweries, Distilleries, Agri-Food, Hospitals, Institutional, Rubber, Cogeneration and Pharmaceutical
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How can I learn more about Chemco Products and their relationship with TGWT and Purified Tannin products?

Traditional boiler treatment utilized many components for system protection. Purified Tannin advanced technology safely allows boiler operation at higher cycles of concentration while providing scale and corrosion control.
Unique benefits obtained from using Purified Tannin boiler treatment are:

Oxygen Scavenger

Corrosion Inhibitor

pH/Alkalinity Adjustment

Condensate Treatment

Hardness Stabilization

Energy Savings

Make-up Water Savings

Reduced GHG Emissions 


ReducedTesting Time



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